CaRM Project

Customer and Relationship Management

The CaRM project is part of the JISC funded BCE CRM (Business Community Engagement Customer Relationship Management) Projects focused on identifying and developing the need for CRM within the Higher and Further Education environments.

Our project is an implementation of the use of the CRM Self-Analysis Framework and will deliver a case study describing the analysis and the outcomes from it. The work is undertaken from a peripheral-tactical perspective aiming for a long-term strategic implementation. The project is also considering the cross-boundary issues, focusing on the relationships between the University and external businesses.

The CaRM project has been undertaken in the context of existing preliminary work to implement a CRM system within two key departments at the University, the Business School and Logistics Institute, to assist them in their interactions with external businesses. The project is developing this initial work to provide a basis upon which we will use the Self-Analysis Framework to identify a process for wider cross-institutional usage, maximising the value of using CRM overall.


CaRM Website

The purpose of this website is to share our progress on the project with a wider audience and raise the overall awareness within the community. The downloadable files, including the intermediate reports and the project plan, will be updated on a regular basis and communicated through our project blog. All the project related news will also appear on the blog which will be regularly updated.

If you are interested in our project and feel that you might have something useful to contribute or would simply like to know more about CaRM at the University of Hull, please email Vladimir Kislicins, Project Officer, on and he will be glad to help you.

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