School of Law and Politics

Eighth Workshop of Parliamentary Scholars and Parliamentarians

26-27 July 2008

Wroxton College

Wroxton The purpose of the Workshop is to bring together scholars and parliamentarians in order that research findings likely to be of practical use to parliamentarians can be presented and discussed. The Workshop builds on the success of the previous Workshops, the first held in Berlin in 1994 and the other six at Wroxton College, now the established venue for the event.

Workshop ParticipantsAmong themes to be covered at this Workshop are (1) legislative ethics and accountability, with papers on the adoption of the accounting officer model in Canada, the domestic effects of legislative ethics reform in the UK, parliamentary scrutiny and oversight of the 'war on terror', and government accountability in parliamentary democracies: a case study of Sweden. (2) Parliaments and the Internet, with papers on European Parliaments online, the impact of the Internet on the Chinese National People's Congress, and the ethics of electronic communication. (3) Developments in the UK Parliament, with papers on Westminster territorial select committees, early day motions, the role of the independent MPs, the House of Lords, and a comparison of the Westminster and Scottish parliaments. (4) Gendered ceremony and ritual in parliaments, with papers on India, South Africa and the UK.


The Workshop is sponsored by the Inter-Parliamentary Union (IPU), the Research Committee of Legislative Specialists of the International Political Science Association (IPSA), and the Centre for Legislative Studies, in conjunction with the Dean of Wroxton College, Dr Nicholas Baldwin.

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