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Professor Keith Tester

BSc(Hons), PhD, FRSA


Keith Tester

Professor of Sociology

Department of Social Sciences

Room 264, Wilberforce Building

University of Hull

Cottingham Road



Tel: +44 (0)1482 346311



I have been Professor of Sociology at Hull since 2008, having previously been Professor of Cultural Sociology at the University of Portsmouth. In 2010-2012 I was also Professor of Sociology at Kyung Hee University, Seoul, Korea. I am a Visiting Professor in the School of Sociology & Social Policy at the University of Leeds, an Honorary Member of the Thesis Eleven Centre for Cultural Sociology at LaTrobe University, Melbourne, Australia (where I have been a Distinguished Visiting Fellow), and a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts. I have been a Visiting Fellow at the University of Girona and a Research Associate of the Institute for the Study of Social Change at University College Dublin. I studied for my Ph.D at the University of Leeds, and the ‘book of the thesis' - Animals and Society - was awarded the British Sociological Association Philip Abrams Memorial Prize for Best First Sole-Authored Book in 1992. In 2012 I was made a Fellow of the Academy of Social Sciences.


My main research interest is in thinking sociologically about the entwinement of culture and morality. This interest has resulted in work in the sociology of the media, an area in which I am widely published. Thanks to contemporary media we know about suffering in other parts of the world, but what do we do about it? What does this knowledge mean to us? Do the culture industries predetermine what we might know and do? I raise these kinds of questions through the heritage of critical theory and, especially, the social thought of Zygmunt Bauman. My interest in culture has also resulted in publications on film and art.

Postgraduate Research Supervision

I am happy to supervise postgraduate work in the sociology of the media, cultural studies and social theory. I have successfully supervised doctoral students working on the media and anti-paedophile riots, cultural representations of the Holocaust, reality television, the media and the Northern Ireland Peace Process, the media and protests against the live transportation of animals.

Selected Publications

Authored Books


What Use is Sociology? with Zygmunt Bauman and Michael Hviid Jacobsen, Cambridge: Polity, 2013.

Panic, London: Routledge, 2013.

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Edited Books

Utopia: Social Theory and the Future, with M. Hviid Jacobsen, Farnham: Ashgate, 2012.

Bauman’s Challenge: Sociological Issues for the Twenty-First Century, with M. Davis, Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan, 2010.

The Flâneur, London: Routledge, 1994.



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Sociologi och moral, Lund: Studentlitteratur, 2000.

Contract signed in 1998 for Turkish edition of Moral Culture.


Peer-Reviewed Academic Articles

‘Bauman and Bergman: A Short Note’, Polish Sociological Review, 2(186)’14, 2014: 225-231.

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Contributions to edited books

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Shorter Articles

‘To Rome via Rohmer’, Saint Austin Review, 7(4), July/August 2007: 33-34.

'Behind the Stuffed Goat’s Penis Lurks Ambition’, The Times Higher Education Supplement, 19 August, 2005: 13.

'Morality Prevails Despite Cultural Deterrents’, Science & Theology News, November 2004: 5.

 'The Human Zoo’, Marxism Today, May 1991: 36.


Other Publications

Fragments of a Human World. Wild Sociology, Dark Times and the Postmodern World – A Sketchy Introduction to the Sociological Spirit of Keith Tester, Sociologisk Arbejdspapir no. 20, Aalborg Universitet, 2004.

Social Theory and Morality, University of Portsmouth: Portsmouth Lecture Series, 1999.


Book reviews

In: Acta Sociologica; British Journal of Sociology; Canadian Journal of Sociology; Current Sociology; Figurations; International Journal of Media and Cultural Politics; Media, Culture & Society; New Blackfriars; Sexualities; Social Science Quarterly; The Sociological Review; Sociology; Thesis Eleven; Times Higher Education Supplement.






I am a member of the Executive Committee of the Bauman Institute at the University of Leeds and of the Histories of Violence web-project which is also based at Leeds ( I am also on the editorial boards of three academic journals: Journal of Classical Sociology, Journal of Human Rights and Thesis Eleven.


My work has been cited in Australian, British, Italian and Korean media coverage of a range of issues, in particular animal rights, the ethics of media representations and the implications of globalization for the future of social work.


When I worked at the University of Portsmouth I was a member of the Portsmouth Health Care Trust’s Clinical Ethics Committee.


Current Masters Teaching

Postgraduate Workshop

Central Issues in Applied Social Research


Current Undergraduate Teaching

Level III:                  Dissertation supervision

Level II:                   Religion, Culture & Society

Level II:                   Theorising Society

Level I:                    Key Skills and Collecting Social Data


Examinations Officer for the School of Social Sciences
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