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Anti Virus and Security

Advice to keep your computer clean and your personal data safe.


Please be aware that all student open access PCs will automatically logoff after 30 minutes of inactivity. Any unsaved work will be lost.


The ICT Department is now offering a new service that will allow students and staff to store, share and collaborate on documents using any Internet enabled device anywhere in the world.


Canvas is the University’s new Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) replacing eBridge from the academic year 2016 onwards.

Closure of Student ICT Accounts

Find out what happens to your ICT account when you graduate.

Email Security

Make sure you are aware of the risks when using email.


Instructions on encrypting laptops, memory sticks and personal hard drives to keep private information private.

ICTD Customer Satisfaction Survey

Information about our Customer Satisfaction Survey and results.


The iHull app gives students, staff and visitors access to a range of information about studying at the University.


Lecture Theatres

An overview of the touchscreens and projectors in lecture theatres.

Microsoft Lync

The Microsoft Lync messaging tool is available to members of staff for installation onto their University PC and can even be used to stay in touch with colleagues from your own laptop or mobile from off-campus.

Microsoft Support for Internet Explorer

Microsoft have ceased support for any version of Internet Explorer prior to version 11. There will be no further security updates for older versions.

Minimum Hardware Specification for University Computers

ICTD set a minimum specification for PC Hardware each year in order to ensure that computers used by both staff and students meet certain requirements.

Out of Office Messages (Staff)

Here are some instructions to help you add an out of office message to your University email account.


In the next few weeks the ICT Department will be installing PingFederate, a new and more resilient authentication resource replacing the University's Central Authentication Service (CAS). Find out more here.


Powwownow offers instant conference calling, available 24/7, with up to 50 participants per call, wherever they are in the world.

Product Recall Notice

Microsoft have issued a product recall notice for AC power cords supplied with their Surface Pro tablet devices shipped prior to 15th July 2015. Due to the nature of the possible fault, the University requires all users to check their power cords as soon as possible.

Proxy Settings for on Campus

When using your computer on the University campus network, please check that proxy settings for your operating system and/or web browser match those as detailed on this page.

Redundant Technologies

A number of technologies currently used in our lecture theatres are coming to the end of their natural life. This page details how ICT proposes to manage the transition to newer technologies.


Sale (or gift) of University ICT equipment to Staff or Students

This policy covers the following types of equipment: Desktop PCs, Laptops, Tablets and mobile devices and PDAs.

Save your files!

Know where you're saving your work, advice on memory sticks and why it's worth saving to your network drive.

Shared Folders

Information and advice about accessing shared folders.

Shared Mailbox Migration

Many departments currently use a type of shared mail folder (mail-enabled public folder) which are in a format no longer supported by Microsoft. As a result over the coming months ICT will be moving all mail-enabled public folders to Shared Mailboxes.


With SharePoint 2013, you can manage content, publish information, track processes, and manage your overall business activities. In addition, SharePoint 2013 provides social features such as microblogging, feeds, likes, mentions, and hashtags to get everyone in your organisation on the same page and communicating effectively.


There are a range of SmartPrint branded multi-functional machines in open access areas across the University campus and the Library. You can use SmartPrint machines to print documents from any open access PC or from your laptop, mobile or tablet when connected to the eduroam wireless network. SmartPrint machines also allow you to copy and scan your documents to email.

Smart Sync

Broadcast your lectern screen to every PC in the room.

Staff Image Upgrade

If your PC has not been re-imaged since 2013, it will be running an old end of life image. ICT will be in touch with you shortly to arrange your PC to be upgraded to the latest version of the University staff image.

Video Conferencing

Find out where to use video conferencing on the Hull campus and how to stay secure.

Working Remotely

To work on files and services that are normally only available whilst on the campus network, such as our network drives and Corporate Systems suite, you will need to set up a VPN connection. Find out more here.

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