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Shared folders


What is a shared network folder?

Also known as a shared drive, a shared network folder (hereafter, shared folder) is a storage space used by departments and typically designed for a specific purpose – administration or project work, for example.

Why use shared folders?

Unlike a G: or Z: drive, a shared folder can be accessed by other approved users. This makes it ideal for collaborative work, though the number of users can be as few as one.

What can be stored in a shared folder?

Any files can be stored in shared folders. If you are storing a lot of large documents, particularly videos and images, we can arrange additional storage space.

How are shared folders named?

Typically, shared folders are named using the following convention – department – purpose. For example, ICTD – Service Desk or ICTD – Developments.

Who can approve access?

Each department nominates at least two authorisers for a shared folder, and this is recorded by the ICT Service Desk. All access requests must be approved by a departmental authoriser to ensure that the department itself holds responsibility for who can access its data.

How do I request access?

To request access to a shared folder, contact with the folder name and we will advise who the authorisers are.  You’ll need to contact the authorisers to approve your access. After we have received emailed confirmation, we’ll grant you access and advise further.

How does access permission work?

The ICT Department grant access to the main folder. If you had permission to access the main folder ICTD – Service Desk, for example, you would have access to all its contents in the folder, including its subfolders – folders within a main folder are called subfolders.

If you create a subfolder that you feel shouldn’t be accessible to all the main folders users, you are best served by requesting a new shared folder. To do this, contact with details.

Moving subfolders

If you wish to move one subfolder to another – for example, a subfolder of ICTD – Service Desk to ICTD – Developments – you must contact before trying to do this. The ICT Department will assist you in this process as there will be a number of settings that need to be transferred.

Creating or renaming folders

Whilst you can create subfolders in an existing shared folder, you cannot create main folders yourself. In addition, you can name and rename subfolders as you require, though must not rename the main folder without consulting ICTD first. You would need to contact to create or rename a main shared folder.

Increasing storage space

If the shared folder becomes full, email to request additional space.

Recovering files and folders

Shared folders are backed up as part of ICTD standard procedures. If a subfolder or file is moved or deleted, you will need to contact to restore it and its permissions to its original location. In order to do this, the ICT Department need to know whether it was deleted or moved and where it belongs. If it has been moved, we’ll need to know where it was moved to. This process can take time due to the nature of the restoration process.

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