Transformation Journey

Student Information Systems (SIS) Programme

The University’s new student information systems (SIS) - a collection of software applications – will provide our students and staff with quick and easy access to the information they need to enhance their university life.  

SIS benefits include:

  • Enhanced student services
  • ‘Greener’ because fewer paper forms
  • Intuitive interface
  • Instant reporting functionality
  • Ability to respond and adapt quickly to internal and external changes

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  • Modernising our processes
  • Benefits
  • How will it happen?
  • What are we implementing?

Modernising our processes

Modernising our processes

The University is engaged in an ambitious and exciting change agenda ensuring the University of Hull is a great place to work and study.

A significant investment in new student information systems will help to transform our systems, technology and processes so that we will be able to provide a higher quality service, reduce technological risk and increase adaptability.

The programme of work to modernise our student information systems runs up to August 2018. The transformation is not just about implementing new technology; our processes will also change to enhance the student journey.



The new student information systems will deliver a range of online services for both students and staff. They will support a wide range of business processes and decision making such as institutional planning and forecasting, compliance management, statutory reporting, student recruitment management, student enrolment, record keeping and progression management, and student academic performance management.

Who will benefit?

Replacing the current corporate student systems means every member of staff, academic and student will feel the benefit.

How will it happen?

How will it happen?

In June 2015, the University signed a contract with Tribal Education Ltd to be our delivery partner.  This led into a “Foundation phase” in which the University and Tribal worked with a cross-section of stakeholders from across the University to understand the changes that will be required.

What are we implementing?

What are we implementing?

The Tribal products that that University has selected include:

1. SITS – eVision

2. Student Information Desk (previously ‘Enterprise Service Desk’)

3. Unity data warehouse

4. Student Insight

Further information on these products can be found by clicking on the titles above (external content).


The SIS Programme team will be responsible for implementing the new systems across the University. To contact the team, email:

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