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NHS cyber-attack; extreme vigilance/action required

A major incident has affected the NHS and other organisations in the UK and abroad. It is possible that the attack may extend to the HE sector including the University.

What does this mean for me?
You should:

  • Be very wary of all emails you receive that include attachments or links.
  • Use basic checks to determine whether a message is a scam, including checking the real sender of a message.
  • Seek further help if necessary to make sure you can tell whether a message is genuine or a scam.
  • If you are using a PC that is not managed by ICT (a managed PC will display the standard background/wallpaper) you should ensure that all Microsoft updates have been applied. You should not bring an unmanaged laptop onto campus unless it has been recently updated.
How can I get further help?:
The #InfoWise site is designed to help you stay safe online. You can also get further advice from the ICT Service Desk during working hours by phone on 01482 46 2010 or by email
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