Disability Services

Evidence to claim the Disabled Student’s Allowance

The evidence required to be sent off to Student Finance England or the NHS Bursary Award varies depending on the nature of the disability.  If you are claiming through Student Finance, please apply at the earliest opportunity; this could be when you apply for your student loan.  It does not matter which University you will ultimately attend.

For students with a physical disability or mental health condition, you are usually expected to provide a letter from your GP or other medical expert.

For students with a Specific Learning Difficulty, there are a number of guidelines stipulated about what constitutes a full assessment.  There is more information available on our SpLD pages. If you have any doubts, please bring whatever paperwork you can find in to the Disability Services as early as possible for staff to check.  If your report needs updating or further assessment is required, Disability Services will arrange this for you.  However at peak times of year there may be a waiting list.

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