Field deployable brain monitoring with VR

About this project

The research cluster is exploring how user experience in immersive virtual reality (VR) affects physiology, cognition, perception and emotional state during learning. This interdisciplinary project embraces, brain imaging, medical engineering and VR environments to generate new models of cognitive processes.

Field deployable brain monitoring with VR

The project will aim to integrate fNIRS (and other physiological measures) with EEG, as a means to provide additional non-invasive measurement of neuroimaging activity recorded on the scalp surface. By integrating this technology with VR headsets the Ph.D. student will provide new metrics for the measurement of cognitive load within virtual environments using wearable technologies as part of the cluster research team. 


You are strongly advised to contact a potential supervisor and to discuss your research proposal, well before you submit an application. Please refer to the Faculty of Education and Social Sciences research pages.

For further information regarding this project please contact Dr Anthony Bateson.

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Entry requirements

Applicants should have at least a 2.1 undergraduate degree in one or more of the following or related disciplines, together with relevant research experience: educational technology / educational psychology (Project 1); neuroscience / biomedical science / psychology (Project 2); electronic engineering / computer systems engineering (Project 3). It is anticipated that the successful applicant will have a 1st class undergraduate degree or Masters level qualification. 

How to apply

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