Scholarships 2017
32 funded PhD scholarships available for 2017 entry

Without quality researchers, there can be no quality research.

This is why the University of Hull is investing £3million into 32 PhD scholarships to attract the best academic talent and further our research endeavours.Many projects are interdisciplinary and/or in collaboration with industry.

If you choose to carry out your postgraduate studies with us, you will become part of a vibrant, forward-thinking research community.

We have specific opportunities in areas as diverse as wound care development; the evolution of parental care in animals; approaches to Big Data; contemporary slavery; and the impact of exercise on cardiovascular health – among others.

Our postgraduate students are a well-integrated and fundamental part of our research and contribute a great deal to the shaping of the Faculty. We pride ourselves on supporting them and ensuring that they achieve their full potential. In addition to their own research, all PhD students at the University of Hull also complete the Postgraduate Training Scheme.

If you have the drive and passion to break new knowledge barriers, now is the time to take your chance.

Applications for 2017 PhD Scholarships are now closed

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