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Access eBridge by visiting and logging in with your normal user ID and password

eBridge support can now be found within the eBridge site - just click the eBridge Help link.

eBridgeeBridge FAQs

Why can't I login?

eBridge is case sensitive, so make sure the caps lock is switched off. Login with your six digit user ID – don’t add hul to the beginning, like you would if you were accessing Athens.

If you still can’t login you may need to reset your password. Visit and click the “Forgotten your password” link or contact the Service Desk by visiting Applied Science or calling 01482 462010.

How do I change my password?

Your eBridge password is the same as the password that you use to access your University email and the Portal. To change your password, go to or contact the Service Desk.

How do I change my name in eBridge?

The name shown in eBridge is the same as the name on your student record. If your name changes, update your details on or contact Student Admin Services and this will be reflected in eBridge within two hours.

Can I change my email address in eBridge?

Emails from eBridge are sent to your University email account. If you’d prefer to use another address, you can automatically forward all of your University email to an alternative address. Instructions are available on our email FAQs page.

Why isn't my course showing?

There are a number of reasons why a course is not displayed:

  • You may not be registered on the course - please check your module list on the portal.
  • The tutor has not yet published the course, so it is hidden to all students – speak to your tutor.
  • Not all tutors use eBridge to support their modules. Again, please check with your tutor.
  • The course may be in the -MORE- drop-down list.

What do I do if I change course?

eBridge is synchronised with the student record system, so your new modules will automatically appear in eBridge within two hours, without you having to do a thing.

Can I change the order of my course tabs?

Courses are displayed in alphabetical order, but you can change this if you prefer:

  • Visit your My Home site and select Preferences.
  • Click on the Customise Tabs link.
  • Highlight the course site and click on the Up or Down button.
  • Click the Update Preferences button to save your changes.

Why can’t I see some course content?

There may be several reasons why you can’t see course content:

  • • Your site instructor has not made the content available until a certain date.
  • Some content is available to certain groups only.
  • Your browser is blocking pop-up windows.

Some course content opens in another window. If your browser blocks pop-ups, you may find that some content is not automatically displayed. To make sure that pop-ups from eBridge are allowed, check your browser settings.

I can’t access eBridge at all

If you are unable to visit using Internet Explorer, try adding it to your trusted sites list:

  • Press ALT + T on the keyboard and select Internet Options
  • Click the Security tab and press Trusted sites
  • Un-tick “require server verification (https:)….”
  • Enter the * in the address field (including the asterisk)
  • Click the Add button, then press Close.

Page last updated by Andrew Hastings on 3/27/2014