Newspapers and News Services

News and newspapers can be a useful source of information on many subjects. This factsheet gives you sources for tracing newspaper articles and news on a topic, whether current or historical. There are also some sources of information about newspapers.


Newspapers on the Web - searchable

These services allow you to search by keyword and find the full text of articles, going back over several years. (Please note: they are for University of Hull users only. University of Hull users can also access them from off campus:  Athens username and password needed.)

  • LexisNexis Butterworths,
    Excellent source for full-text articles in UK newspapers. Simply select the 'News' tab to search within the "UK Newspapers" file, which includes access to over 100 national and regional newspapers or choose to search in the national, broadsheet or regional files alone. Coverage goes back to 1982 in some cases. Articles can be emailed or downloaded.

  • Times Digital Archive 1785-1985,
    Developed from the original microfilm newspaper collection into a digital archive which provides page-by-page access to the newspapers in facsimile form and a fully-searchable database.  Articles can be emailed.

The following individual U.K. newspapers on the Web are also searchable by keyword. Some offer extra services such as news alerts by email, which require you to register. Some services are subscription-based. (Note that the content of the online version may not be the same as that of the printed version.)

  • Financial Times,
    Free access to headlines, basic financial data, and anything without the "S" (subscribers only) symbol. Subscribers can have full text of articles, emailed news alerts, "power searching", and access to five year archive of the FT and other worldwide financial news sources and to detailed comment and reports on industries, companies and countries.  (The full text of the FT is also available via ABI/Inform with an archive back to 1996, searchable via the library catalogue).

  • Guardian,
    Openly accessible or you can register (free). Includes the Observer. Search facility back to 1 September 1998.

  • Independent,
    Includes the Independent on Sunday. Search facility back to 2000.

  • (Web version of the Daily Telegraph),
    Includes the Sunday Telegraph. Search facility back to April 1996.

  • Times,
    Includes the Sunday Times. Searchable access to the last two years free of charge. Archive back to 1985 available as a fee-based service.  (You can access the Times back to 1985 on Lexis Nexis Newspapers and also the Times Digital Archive 1785-1985 - see above.) 

Newspapers on the Web in general

There are Web versions of thousands of newspapers around the world, but unlike some of the UK titles listed above, usually only a few days' issues are available. (A small but increasing number give access to older issues.)  Some newspapers on the Web do not have keyword searching available and so are really only useful for browsing recent issues. The Web versions of newspapers may not be the same as the printed versions and you may find that a specific article is different or not present in the Web version.

The following free services have links to thousands of newspapers on the Web worldwide, arranged by country. It is worth using both of them - The coverage is not the same.

Lesser but useful collection of links to newspapers and news-related websites.

Other news services on the Web

  • BBC News, Offers daily news service by email. You can set up a profile with the news categories you want.  Also desktop alerts and news feeds.

  • Reuters: (UK site), (USA site)

  • NewsNow, News from over 17,000 sources (including many Web-only sources) in a number of subject categories, going back 30 days. Basic search facility. Subscription-based services include more advanced keyword searching. Caters for a UK audience.

  • Ananova, Provided by the UK's Press Association.

  • Yahoo: (UK site), (USA site - offers email alerts)

Newspaper indexes

If you need to find articles in newspapers which are not available in electronic form (such as older newspapers from many years ago), or which are not easily searchable in electronic form, newspaper indexes will enable you to search effectively.

The Brynmor Jones Library has the following printed newspaper indexes.

  • British Humanities Index, 1915-2000 (R)AI 3 B86 (5th floor Reference)
    Selectively indexes the Independent, Guardian, Financial Times, Observer, Times (and supplements), and Sunday Times. Also many general and humanities periodicals published in the UK.

  • Times index, 1790-2002 (R)AN 2 T56 (5th floor Reference).
    The Times index is also available in printed form but only up to 2002. Indexes not only the daily paper but also the Times Educational Supplement, Times Literary Supplement and Times Higher Education Supplement. (Remember also the Times Digital Archive - see above. This can be used to search for Times articles.

  • New York Times index, 1944-1986 qAN 2 N52 (5th floor)

Having used an index such as one of these to find references to articles, you will need to get hold of the articles themselves. See the next section.

Newspapers in printed form and on microfilm

In addition to electronic form, the Library offers access to some daily newspapers in printed form and archival material on microfilm. To see what is available, look in the Library catalogue. If you want to check for a particular title, use a Periodical title search. If you want to browse through the newspaper titles held by the Library, use a Classmark search and look for the classmark AN. This will show up some but not all of the titles held only on microfilm.

Current newspapers in printed form; previous years on microfilm (or in electronic form)
For newspapers taken in printed form, the current issues and the last six months are kept on the ground floor of the Brynmor Jones Library. For the Times (1785-2010 ) and the Independent (1986- 2002 ) there is an ongoing backfile of previous years on microfilm. Earlier years of the Guardian (1974-1992) and Financial Times (1955-1994) are also held on microfilm. Microfilms of these four newspapers are available on request from the Circulation Desk. (For details of electronic services with previous years of these four newspapers, see the Newspapers on the Web - searchable section of this Factsheet, above.)

Note: some overseas newspapers are not included in the Library catalogue, as they are received as donations and are not kept for a long period of time. For details of the overseas newspapers which the Brynmor Jones Library currently receives, please ask at the Service Desk, or the Periodicals section on the ground floor.

Availability on microfilm
For titles other than those in the previous paragraph, check the Library catalogue to see which newspapers are available on microfilm. For a particular title, search by Periodical title. If you want to know in general which newspapers the Brynmor Jones library has on microfilm, ask at the Enquiry Desk. The Library has many older holdings on microfilm of newspapers from various countries.

To view the microfilm
Having found your microfilm, you will need a microfilm reader in order to be able to read the article you need. These are on the ground floor of the Brynmor Jones Library. Ask at the Service Desk if you require any assistance.

Photocopying from microfilm
It is possible to have photocopies made from microfilm. We recommend that you read the article of interest first. Photocopies from microfilm cost 10 pence per A4 page.

Resources on the Web for finding newspapers in other libraries

If the newspaper material that you know you need is not in the University's Libraries, you may be able to locate it in another library. Try one of the following:

  • British Library Newspaper Library,
    The British Library Newspaper Library in Colindale, London, is the largest archival newspaper collection in the world. This site gives access to their catalogue, details of their special collections, and a good collection of links to electronic newspapers and resources on newspaper history.

  • COPAC,
    COPAC is a national online public access catalogue providing unified access to the online catalogues of 22 of the largest university research libraries in the UK and Ireland, plus the British Library. The database contains over 20 million records, and more libraries are being added.

Reference books for tracing newspapers

The Brynmor Jones Library has several printed reference books which may help in tracing newspapers both current and historical in the UK and some other countries. These are in the Central Reference Collection on the ground floor, in the area (R)Z 6941 - (R)Z 6956. For example:

  • Willings press guide. Annual (R)Z 6941 W7 (first floor)
    A good way of finding details of current newspapers and other periodicals, both local and national. In three volumes: UK, Europe and World. Indexed by country and by subject. Contains circulation figures for newspapers.

Resources on the Web about newspapers

  • Audit Bureau of Circulations,
    Useful for current circulation figures of the UK press.  Some data only available to fee-paying subscribers.

  • British Library Newspaper Library: Newspaper, Journalism, and Media Resources,

  • JICREG: the Joint Industry Committee for Regional Press Research,
    Independent research organisation providing readership figures by region for UK regional newspapers.

  • Media UK,
    Useful site with information about the media in the UK, and links to UK newspapers and other news sources.

  • The Newspaper Society,
    Site contains data on circulation, history, costs, ownership, production and technology of the regional press in the UK. Also has links to over 600 regional newspapers.

  • Press Complaints Commission,

Help and Further information

For help or further information about any of the resources mentioned please ask at the Brynmor Jones Library Service Desk, telephone (46)5250 or email

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