Case Studies

The University of Hull counts the below companies as some of our clients. View the case studies to learn more about how we can support businesses of all sectors, size and location.

Bankside Patterson  Kimberly-Clark
Cornscape npower
Eltherington Aluminium PING
GB SOLO Reva Industries Limited
Green Growth Blue Horizons Recyclet
Grimsby Fishdock Enterprises Your Diet Advisor.Com
Grimsby Slipways and the Ship Repairers' Association  
Landscapes   2B Landscape Consulting Ltd – the School of Geography, Environment and Earth Sciences showcased new techniques looking at the feasibility of ‘retrofit sustainable draining systems’ (SuDs). More info here and here.
 5th Wall Logo 5th Wall - following from a SIP delivered by York St John University, digital media experts undertook an RDP delivering a prototype interactive web-based e-learning experience, bringing real-life situations into the training environment to play a critical role in up-skilling participants.  More info here and here.
ProjectFish Annie Hooper – the Centre for Environmental and Marine Sciences provided expertise to develop software providing dynamic and high quality visual representations of spatial fisheries management data. More info here.
East Coast Tidal East Coast Tidal Energy Ltd – using unique, innovative field and numerical techniques developed by the School of Geography, Environment and Earth Sciences, this project captured and analysed tidal steam power data, to assess the feasibility of a Humber tidal stream power array. More info here.
 Face Workshops FaceWorkshops - experts from the Hull York Medical School undertook electroencephalography (EEG) brain wave activity recording, to generate preliminary data to assess claims around the relaxation benefits of a new skincare product/technique. More info here.
Floreon Floreon Transforming Packaging Ltd – experts from the Hull University Business School supported commercialisation of Floreon’s high performance ‘green’ plastic by evaluating new applications for the material, informing development of new and improved products, and identifying future market targets. More info here.
iMonSys iMonSys Ltd - has benefited from both SIP and RDP support. The projects have helped to develop, integrate and test a new cuffless blood pressure measurement system into a prototype handheld device using the University’s Computational Science and Sports, Exercise and Health Science expertise. More info here.
 Knowledge Map MyKnowledgeMap Ltd – the Faculty of Education undertook trials to evaluate and identify modifications needed to diversify health and medical education software into use in the teacher education industry. More info here.
 netsells NetSells Ltd – digital media expertise was used to develop a web-based tool allowing users with varying degrees of technical proficiency to remotely configure email accounts on iOS devices more easily. More info here.
technostics Technostics Ltd – Hull York Medical School provided expertise and clinical trials to test and validate a clinical diagnostic tool (‘Peptest’), to drive use of the product into the chronic cough/respiratory sector and establish widespread use of the product through the NHS. More info here and here
 GB SOLO  Reva Industries Limited
 Green Growth Blue Horizons  Recyclet
 Grimsby Fishdock Enterprises  Your Diet Advisor.Com
 Grimsby Slipways and the Ship Repairers' Association  
 erdflogo  Yorkshire Innovation










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