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The University of Hull welcomes all adult learners across the region to come and enjoy our vibrant and interesting range of lifelong learning activities.

Lifelong Learning Activities

Each Semester we offer Culture Cafes Talks and Tea-Time Talks.  Each talk is delivered by a member of the University's academic staff and gives attendees the opportunity to hear about their current research!! 

Culture Café Series

These talks are normally held on a Saturday morning at 11am; lasting for around two hours, they are a great way to add some literary or historical culture to your weekend.  Visit the University Art Gallery as part of your visit too!

Tea-Time Talks Series

These talks are normally held on a week night, hopefully giving people the time to get to the University campus after a busy day. Challenging, controversial, impactful, and insightful could describe the nature of these multi-themed series. Open your mind!

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