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The Cleaning Services Team's aim is to provide a highly proficient, motivated and effective workforce, which is committed to providing a high standard of cleaning services in University buildings and externally, thereby supporting the core business of the University and helping to create an environment which in conducive to work and aesthetically pleasing for all.

Interior Cleaning Team

This section covers all the academic, communal and residence space. If you require any additional services please contact the Team Leader. Please also see our Advice to Students on Cleaning Accommodation.

Exterior Estates Team

This section carries out the following duties

  •  Collection and removal of all litter from roads and footpaths on the University Campus
  •  Recycling collection

Rapid Response Team

  • Floor Maintenance
  • Flood and spill clearance

If you require periodic work beyond that which is planned, please contact the Team Leader.

Window Cleaning

Windows are usually cleaned annually by specialist contractors. The contract includes the cleaning of all glass on the exterior side. The contract is monitored by the Team Leader.

Pest Control Estates Team

All infestation of pests should be reported to the Team Leader, who will ensure that the problem is resolved efficiently and effectively.

When can you expect a response?

The response times for dealing with your request are outlined in the Estates Cleaning Services Level Agreement (SLA). This can be viewed below:

Cleaning SLA

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