History DMP project


The History DMP project will build on the established data management practices within the Department of History at the University of Hull.  It will use the experience in data management demonstrated and recognised over the past few years to frame a departmental approach to data management to enhance and build on the individual activities that have been the basis of data management so far.  This departmental data management plan will look to support future research strategy and provide a coherent platform for data sustainability in future research.

The work to be undertaken will develop an overall plan, and will then look to implement this using past, present, and future research activities.  The role of local technical provision, in the shape of the University's Hydra digital repository, will be explored and enhanced in specific ways to deliver a platform that not only manages the data, but allows for its exploitation and access as well through repository, VRE, and linked data interfaces.

The History DMP project has been made possible with funding from the JISC's Managing Research Data programme.

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Documents generated by the project will be available through the Hydra digital repository
The History DMP project is contributing to the research activity of the Department of History