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Why the University of Hull?

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When you join the University of Hull, you’ll discover more and stretch yourself further than you ever expected - you’ll play a key role in our future. Built on historical foundations, with a valued reputation, we’ve now entered a new era and you’re going to help take us beyond anything that’s come before.

We’re investing heavily in our future (yours too) and we would like you to help us shape a future that’ll take us beyond. Along the way, you’ll develop personally, professionally and be well rewarded too.

Personal development

We’re as focused on your development as you are. In fact, you’ll have opportunities to take part in a range of workshops and development courses. If you have the ambition, we’ll help you build all the knowledge and skills you’ll need to succeed. We want you to have a long-term career with us so we’ll support you every step of the way.

Working Environment

Working in attractive surroundings, the University of Hull has a professional yet uniquely friendly atmosphere. The campus environment is a blend of old and new and you’ll have access to many of the campus facilities. You’ll also have the opportunity to take part in many of the social aspects of the University.

Staff support

To make sure you’re well looked after, we have a range of support services available to you, from free eye tests for those who are computer users, to guidance on stress, health and confidential issues.  You’ll have access to support and advice from, an Occupational Health Team, HR Advisors, and an Equality and Diversity Advisor, along with an external counselling service.

Careers and employability

Click here to read a quick Q&A with Norman Day, Director of the University Careers and Employability Service, to catch a glimpse into the world of careers



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