Research Funding Office

Support for Researchers

Locating Funding Opportunities

A major aspect of our work is to find funding for research and development projects.  We work with our academic staff to try and match their project ideas to sources of funding.

We do this by searching web-based databases, our paper-based and electronic resources and by utilising our network of contacts.  To provide this service we will ask for an outline of the proposed project, the anticipated start date, and whether the project will include other partners (and if so, who).  An indication of the size of the project would also be helpful.

If you are interested in locating funding then contact Mathew Smith, our Funding Initiatives Officer on 01482 464919.

If you are sponsoring the research, the Research Funding Office will work with our researchers to put together a realistic budget for the project and a detailed work schedule.

Advising on Application Strategies and Individual Applications

As part of our application support service we can help you devise a strategy for applying for research funding, taking into account forthcoming calls and deadlines, your research priorities and goals.  We can also advise on alternative sponsors if your application for external funding has been unsuccessful.

For individual applications, we can check the eligibility of your proposal and if necessary take advice from the sponsor about its application rules.  As well as supplying copies of the application form and related guidance we can also read over proposals and offer suggestions for improvements.  Additionally we offer costing and pricing support and any other help as required for completion of the application.

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