Induction Policy and Guidelines

DocumentsThe guidelines, as outlined in these webpages, are to be used flexibly and customised to meet the specific needs of the individual and department.  Some staff will require more support and guidance than others, depending upon the nature of the post and the extent to which they are able to undertake independent learning.

All new staff however should be made fully aware of the arrangements for what must be covered during their induction, relative to their post and existing skills and experience. This will normally be covered during a one-to-one meeting with their induction mentor.

There are four main strands that form the University’s induction of new staff, namely:

  • a personalised induction at departmental level – heads are required to appoint a colleague who will co-ordinate the departmental programme and ensure that appropriate support is given to new colleagues in their area
  • attendance at the central induction day for new staff
  • completion of the on-line Induction for New Staff
  • provision of a New Starters Welcome booklet- this is sent to all new members of staff with their contract of employment and provides general information about the University, useful information for the first day and benefits that can be explored.

For further detailed information please refer to the Induction Policy and Guidelines for Good Practice

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