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You will find in-depth advice, information, case studies, and links to other sources that will all assist getting your business idea off the ground and help it grow. You can also sign up for our start-up e-newsletter to keep up-to-date with the latest business start-up advice, news and legislation.The Start Up Donut logo


  •  Business ideas

    How you come up with an idea and determine if it’s viable.

    Business ideas
  •  Business set-up

    The formation options when starting your own business.

    Business set-up
  •  Financing

    Managing your finances to ensure a healthy cash flow.

  •  Tax & NI

    Understanding tax, record-keeping and knowing implications.

    Tax & NI 

  •  Business law

    Keep up-to-date with all the latest and most relevant legislation.

    Business law
  •  Planning

    Why you need a business plan and how to develop one.

  •  Sales/marketing

    Finding target markets, promotions and generating sales.

  •  Premises

    Help to assure you’re ready before taking the leap.


  •  Employees

    Managing and recruiting staff, plus employment law.

  •  IT & websites

    Developing a website, the benefits of IT and purchasing IT.

    IT & websites

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