The CLIF project


The CLIF project (Content Lifecycle Integration Framework) is funded under the auspices of the Joint Information Systems Committee 'Information Environment' Programme. It is examining the management of the lifecycle of digital content from creation to disposal or preservation across system boundaries.  To this end it is seeking to integrate the Fedora repository software with Sakai and Microsoft Office Sharepoint Server.


Further details are to be found on the 'Project Aims' page of this website.





Infopath MODS editor (13/8/2010)  As part of the CLIF work our developer, Andrew Thompson, has produced a full MODS editor in InfoPath.  If anyone is interested in this work, please feel free to contact him: click here.


Technical specification (13/8/2010)  The CLIF technical specification is now available on our 'documents' page.


Update (29/4/2010)  Our developers are working on simple import/export routines between Sakai and Fedora on the one hand, and Sharepoint and Fedora on the other.  Work will then move on to encompass richer content and more complex workflows.


Literature Review and Use Case Analysis (29/4/2010) Our Literature Review and our Use Case Analysis are now available in the 'Documents' section of the site.  Apologies that they were not posted earlier.


Update (26/11/2009)  Did we really publish the Project Plan in May?  The summer and early autumn have been dogged with staffing problems which  have set us back about three months.  Hopefully these are now behind us; the JISC have agreed to an unfunded extension of the same length so that our completion date is now 31/03/2011.


Project Plan published (27/05/2009)  Our Project Plan has been approved by the JISC and is published on our 'documents' page.  As is normal with these things, the budgets have been removed. 


Project start meeting (31/03/2009) The project start meeting took place in Hull on 31st March so we are officially under way.  First jobs, this website and the formal Project Plan...