Outline Project Description

This project will develop a personalised, 'learner controlled' online environment to support an individual’s continuing professional development (CPD) and the staff CPD review process. At its centre is a scalable, interoperable and robust access and identity management system that will integrate and control access to personal e-portfolio technologies. CPD-Eng will create a personalised continuing professional development pilot in the field of Engineering, integrating and improving existing systems in the areas of reporting, resource and process management. CPD-Eng will also support the relationships between the lifelong and work based learner,training institution(s), knowledge exchange, regulatory bodies(Engineering Council uk), professional bodies and employers. CPD-Eng will provide the innovative, personalised infrastructure that will support the work-based learner through a new suite of flexible pathways to professional qualifications for the engineering professional, integrating real and online worlds and enabling learning to take place 'whenever and wherever'.


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