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The CREE Extension project held a workshop on Thursday 24th May 2007 to discuss the issues being investigated by the project and to gather input from a range of stakeholders on how these issues can or should be addressed. The workshop findings, together with associated desk research, are informing the technical development phase of the project.


The workshop report, including an associated literature review, is now available. Presentations and scenarios from the workshop can also be downloaded (see the workshop timetable below).


Stakeholders represented at the workshop included librarians, portal managers and developers, library system providers, content service providers, e-research developers, and the JISC.


The workshop details are as follows:


Thursday 24th May
Manchester Conference Centre, Conference Room 4/4a
10:30am - 3:30pm


The morning of the workshop was used to capture views and issues from different stakeholders on the role of a portal framework, and specifically an institutional portal, in delivering library resources and services within Higher Education. This might encompass the presentation of external databases and other electronic resources, plus internal circulation, ILL and other services that libraries currently offer: such delivery might be to the institution as a whole or to serve specific needs within the institution.


The afternoon of the workshop was used to investigate how the issues raised might be addressed to meet the needs of different stakeholders. The workshop concluded with a look ahead to the technical work of the CREE Extension and how this can be used to meet the needs of stakeholders.


The programme for the day was as follows:



The workshop was facilitated by Chris Awre and Caroline Ingram.


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