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The RIDIR Project


The RIDIR project (Resourcing IDentifier Interoperability for Repositories) is a project funded under the auspices of the Joint Information Systems Committee 'Repositories and Preservation' Programme. It is investigating the requirements for, and benefits of, the clear use of persistent identifiers in order to facilitate interoperability between digital repositories of different types.


Further details are to be found on the 'Project Aims' page of this website.



Final Report and Demonstrator (08/10/08) The JISC have given us permission to release the RIDIR Final Report and this can be downloaded from the 'Documents' section of this site.  Please get in touch if a copy of the Demonstrator DVD would be useful to you.  The Demonstrator is supplied for use with a downloadable Virtual Machine.


Final Report and Demonstrator (06/08) The RIDIR Final Report and the software Demonstrator were submitted to the JISC at the end of June 2008.  The lengthy report makes a number of recommendations ranging from national strategy to repository implementation.  The Final Report will be made available through this website and through the University of Hull Institutional Repository as soon as it is approved by the JISC.


Implementation (11/07) The early autumn has been spent turning our identified use cases into a more detailed form to aid implementation.  Our developers have started on production of components for the demonstrator.


Workshops report and use cases (14/09/07)  The report on the two national workshops and the use cases that were considered for the RIDIR Project is now available in the 'Documents' section of this site.  This document also includes the subsequent proposal put to the JISC detailing two possible ways forward, and their response.  The proposal includes the five use cases that will be considered in detail.


Focus Group meetings (18/04/07) At the RIDIR start meeting earlier in the week (16/04/07) it was decided that the foundation for the project's work should be established at two focus groups. The first such meeting will be held in London, probably in late May, when invited repository practitioners will discuss issues of interoperability so that we can establish the role that identifiers play, or should play. The second focus group will be held in Manchester towards the end of June where an invited group of identifier experts will discuss the outcome of the first meeting and how identifiers might be managed in order to best accommodate the needs of repository interoperability.


Project start (08/03/07) The RIDIR project will officially start on 1st April 2007 and run for one year. At the moment the project team is busy arranging a start meeting. Watch this space!

Contact details


Project Director:

Ian Dolphin


Project Manager:

Richard Green

e-Services Integration Group
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