Here at American Studies we encourage student participation in all aspects of study and experience.

American Society

Run by students, the American Society is one of the University's largest departmental societies. It is an integral part of the informal life of the department - hosting a series of social events throughout the year, including a Thanksgiving Dinner and American-style Graduation Prom.

British Association of American Studies

BAAS is the main academic organisation for scholars and students of American Studies in Britain.

It publishes the essential Journal of American Studies and the postgraduate journal US Studies On-Line. It also organises annual conferences for postgraduates and academics, and publishes pamphlets and paperbacks on a range of American-related topics specifically designed for American Studies modules.

European Association of American Studies

EAAS is a confederation of 27 national associations of American Studies in Europe, founded in 1953 to encourage the study of and research in all areas of American culture and society and to promote cooperation and intercommunication between European scholars of the United States from all parts of Europe and from various disciplines. To this end it organizes regular conferences. It also publishes a newsletter, American Studies in Europe, and an electronic journal, The European Journal of American Studies (EJAS).

The Eccles Centre for American Studies

Since its establishment in 1991, the Eccles Centre at the British Library has been a useful information source and aid for American Studies students and scholars. It publishes a number of American-related guides, including guides on civil rights, the West and UK-US relations. The Centre offers bibliographic training for postgraduate students and holds one-day conferences for Sixth Form students interested in American Studies.

School of Histories, Languages, and Culture Student Handbook

The School's student handbook will answer questions, and serve for reference as the year progresses. It seeks to give you information of immediate concern relating to the School and your programme of study, it also provides you with sections identifying University policies and procedures which are directly relevant to you, and with which you must familiarise yourself.

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