From Republic to Restoration

Tuesday 6th July 2010


Nigel Smith (Princeton), ‘Andrew Marvell and Republicanism in Hull’



Session 1 seminar room 4

Marcus Nevitt (Sheffield), ‘From Republic to Restoration: Interregnum Royalism and Restoration Drama’
Marissa Nicosia (Pennsylvania), 'Paratext, Commonplacing and the Desire for History in The Famous Tragedie of King Charles I (1649) and Cromwell’s Conspiracy (1660)
Kevin Killeen (York), ‘Hanging up Kings: the Political Bible in Early Modern England’

Session 2 seminar room 5

Klaudia Laczynska
(Warsaw), ‘From Masque to Masquerade: Changing Status of Art in Marvell’s Poems’
Keith McDonald (Royal Holloway), ‘Marvell in Manuscript and Print: The Public and Private Experiences of 1649-1660’
Sharon Young (Worcester), ‘Restoring the country house: Lucy Hutchinson’s Elegies’


Wednesday 7th July 2010


Laura Knoppers (Penn State), ‘‘You shall be our Generalless’: Margaret Cavendish and Royalist Rewritings of English Civil War History'


11.30- 1.00

Session 1

Hilary Menges (Yale), ‘The Power of the Book: Milton, Charles I and Literary History’
Edward Paleit (Exeter), ‘Horace restored? Alexander Brome’s The Poems of Horace (1666) and the Politics of Poetic Community’
Marissa Greenberg (University of New Mexico), ‘The restoration of Tragedy in Milton’s London’

Session 2

Christina Carlson (Emerson College), ‘“A Child of Heathen Hobbs”: Political Prints of the Popish Plot and Exclusion Crisis – The Revision of a Republican Mode’
Lisanna Calvi (Verona), ‘“Once a Year before thy Statue Fall”: The Theatrical Sublimation of the Republican Ethos in Nathaniel Lee’s Lucius Junius Brutus’
Dan Gustafson (Yale), ‘Tory Reactions: Memory, Theater, and Royalism in the 1680s’



Music Panel Chair: Christopher Wilson
Bruce Wood (Bangor), ‘From Caroline Masque to Restoration Opera: Aspects of Courtly Reinstatement’
Bryan White (Leeds), ‘Restoration Opera and the Failure of patronage’.



Blair Worden (Royal Holloway), ‘Why did the Restoration happen?’

Thursday 8th July 2010


Tom Corns (Bangor), ‘John Dryden: from Heroic Stanzas to Annus Mirabilis’


Paul Seaward (Director of History of Parliament), ‘Clarendon and Hobbes on the Devil’s Mountain: looking back to 1668’

2.00 Bus departs for Burton Agnes

7.00 Conference dinner

Friday 9th July 2010

10.00 -11.00

Glenn Burgess (Hull), ‘Monarchy and Commonwealth: “Republican” Defences of Monarchy in the 1660s’



Olivia Smith (Ghent), ‘“The Constituents of our Spaw”: Water Politics in the Seventeenth Century’
Ionut Untea (EPHE–Sorbonne), ‘Engagement Controversy, Republicanism and Thomas Hobbes’s “Intolerant Tolerance”’

LUNCH ‘Old Grey Mare’

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