Relocation, portability and social care practice - moving to a new local authority with your social care package

Moving house and moving care

This project explored the experiences of people who receive social care support and who have moved, or plan to move, to a new local authority to work, study or for other reasons, such as to be closer to family and friends. The research was particularly concerned with the portability of social care and individuals' experiences of relocating their care and support across local authority boundaries. Through the research we sought to identify barriers and challenges, as well as the strategies people used to help them move successfully.

The research took place between 2012 and 2014, and was funded by the NIHR School for Social Care Research. The research included the following activities:

  • A scoping review of research and other reports
  • Interviews with people who received publicly funded social care and who had moved to a new English local authority. This included interviews with disabled people, people with long-term health conditions and people who provided care and support to a family member
  • Interviews with social work practitioners from three local authorities, about how they would work to support people to move into, or out of, their local authority, and the challenges they anticipated

We used the research findings to produce information for people who receive social care and who are planning to relocate to a new local authority.

Download information about the research and moving with social care support:

For further information about the study and the research findings, please contact the Lead Researcher, Dave Marsland at .

Useful agencies - If you receive social care support and are planning to move to a new local authority (or are supporting someone to move), you are advised to make contact with both the local authority you are leaving, and your new local authority, as soon as possible. In addition the following organisations may be able to offer advice and information:

Disability Rights UK

A DIAL (Disability Advice and Information Line)

Your local user led organisation

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