Centre for Applied Research and Evaluation - Care@Hull

The Centre for Applied Research and Evaluation - Care@Hull - works alongside disabled people and their families, carers, adults with long-term health and social care needs and those that provide support services to them.

Care@Hull - A Dynamic Partnership

The aim of our research is to help people with long term care needs, their staff and their supporters, to find creative solutions and new approaches to care and support. Care@Hull represents a dynamic partnership between researchers, disabled people and their families, carers, practitioners, service providers, students, musicians, artists and social entrepreneurs. We believe that such partnerships are essential in ensuring that research centres like ours deliver genuinely useful research knowledge and promote greater shared understanding and innovation.

Can Care@Hull help you find a solution?

Are you trying to find a solution to a care issue or problem? Perhaps you want to know if other people have already found a more effective approach?

  1. Get in touch – we will listen to your questions, your enquiries and your experiences
  2. We will work with you to help you to find the knowledge and information you need
  3. We will share what we have learnt together, with other people in a similar situation

Contact Dave Marsland at: Care@Hull.ac.uk

Care@Hull - Research Activities

  • Applied research - this is about helping people to use existing knowledge and information to improve their lives or to do their job more effectively.
  • Evaluation - this is about helping organisations and individuals to measure the effectiveness of the services that are being delivered to disabled people and carers.
  • Sharing knowledge, experience and skills - this is about enabling people to share what they have learned and experienced, with others in a similar situation. The Centre aims to provide links to other information resources.
  • Consultancy - this is about offering professional services and specialist skills to organisations and groups wishing to improve or reflect upon the services and support they offer.

Advice Group

In all aspects of our work we seek the support, wisdom and guidance of a range of individuals and groups with a direct interest in long term care and support. In particular, we have established an active Advice Group, which enjoys representation from individuals, independent agencies and public bodies. This Advice Group helps in a number of ways:

  • By helping us to think about what matters most and what we should focus our attention and resources upon.
  • By undertaking research with us - working with us to identify the research questions and then working in partnership to address these questions.
  • By helping us to think about how we should set about our work - our guiding values and principles.
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