The Centre for Criminology and Criminal Justice

Mission statement:

The Centre for Criminology and Criminal Justice is a multi-disciplinary group of researchers at the University of Hull whose mission is to provide world-class research that informs and responds to local, national and international needs.

Books published by centre authors

Harrison 2011 DangerousnessBook  

Dangerousness, Risk and the Governance of Serious Sexual and Violent Offenders

Karen Harrison 

Book Politics of Misrecognition Thompson & Yar


The Politics of Misrecognition

Majid Yar (with S. Thompson)


Radicalization: The Life Writings of Political Prisoners

Melissa Dearey


Addressing Offending Behaviour: Context, practice and values

Simon Green

Addressing Offending Behaviour

Surveillance and Crime

Michael McCahill(with R. Coleman)

 Law and Crime  

Law and Crime

Gerry Johnstone and Tony Ward


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Co-Directors: Dr. Helen Johnston, Dr. Simon Green

Associate Directors: Prof. Majid Yar, Dr. Gerry Johnstone, Prof. Peter Young


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