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Stories of Dignity within Healthcare:
Research, narratives and theories

ISBN: 9781905539970 • August 2016 • M&K Publishing • 192pp • £35.00

In this helpful and thought-provoking book, the contributors offer an overview of current research on dignity-preserving care, highlighting practical and ethical considerations in various healthcare settings.

This book will support students of nursing and allied healthcare professions, as well as healthcare professionals working in diverse practice settings, to reflect upon and enhance the quality of their care.

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An Exploration of Specialist Palliative Care Nurses’ Experiences of Providing Care to Hospice Inpatients from Minority Ethnic Groups—Implication for Religious and Spiritual Care
Andrea Henry 1,† and Fiona Timmins 2,†,*

1 St. Francis Hospice, Station Road, Raheny, Dublin 5, Ireland;

2 School of Nursing and Midwifery, Trinity College Dublin, 24 D’Olier Street, Dublin 2, Ireland

* Correspondence:; Tel.: +353-1896-3699

† These authors contributed equally to this work.

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