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23 September 2014: Conceptualizing and Researching Spirituality

Today, spirituality is often used as boundary marker or creator to set practices apart from practices located within institutional religion. Yet, practices of spirituality have historically always also been intertwined and entangled with institutional religions and religious communities, such as Jesuit Spirituality or Marian Spirituality. These few examples show that... Read more.

18 June 2015: Spirituality and Popular Culture / Arts

Scholars of religion have long been pointing out that going to the movie theatre, to a museum or an arts gallery can sometimes be experienced as religious/spiritual event during which the individual makes an encounter with the transcendent, that which is perceived to be not from this world. But popular culture... Read more.

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26 January 2016: Spirituality and/at Work

26 January 2016: Spirituality and/at Work

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