Lorna Marques-Brocksopp

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Dr Lorna Marques-Brocksopp



Email: lornabrocksopp@hotmail.com

Main Areas of Interest in Spirituality

Researcher with an interest in wellbeing, spirituality & holistic health outcomes; ecopsychology and the relationship between spirituality and our sense of connectedness with the natural environment and other species; spirituality & bioethics, with a focus on our relationship with non-human animals and lifestyle choices such as veganism; spiritual wellbeing and coping with long-term health conditions including visual impairment (through current work with Guide Dogs for the Blind).


Marques-Brocksopp, L. (2012) Understanding the emotional impact of dog attacks on the guide dog and owner relationship, Vision Research News, Autumn 2012.

Marques-Brocksopp, L. (2012) Wellbeing and visual impairment: the role of spirituality. Thresholds: Counselling with Spirit, Autumn 2012. British Association for Counselling & Psychotherapy

Marques-Brocksopp, L (2012) The broad reach of the wellbeing debate: emotional wellbeing and vision loss, British Journal of Visual Impairment, vol. 30 no.1 50-55.

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