Research Supervision

We have research strengths in British music, music theory and analysis, performance studies, music philosophy, psychology of music, aesthetics, semiotics, timbre, film, jazz, popular music, music technology, acoustic and electroacoustic composition. Research students can pursue MA, MPhil or PhD programmes in Music and, at MPhil and PhD level, there are specialist programmes in Composition and Performance. Students complete selected modules as part of the University Postgraduate Training Scheme within their research programme.


We consider students for research degrees in any area in which we can provide adequate staff supervision and library or other relevant resources. You are welcome to contact the Postgraduate Music Admissions Tutor, Dr Helen Prior ( in advance of the application to check the suitability of your chosen subject area.

Areas of Staff PhD supervision

Dr Matthew Barnard

Binaural recording and composition

Ambisonics in composition

Electronic composition (popular and experimental)

Sonic arts

Dr Simon Desbruslais


Music Theory and Analysis (including Schenker, Set Theory, Neo-Riemannian Theory and Semiotics)

Composer-Performer Collaboration

Early Music and Performance Practice

Music in the Long Twentieth Century

Paul Hindemith (1895-1963)

Dr Alexander Binns

Music in film
Critical theory
Modernism and Postmodernism
Theories of popular music

Prof Alastair Borthwick

Modern music, especially post-1945 British music
Music theory and analysis, especially in relation to aesthetics, music cognition and semiotics

Dr Peter Elsdon

Jazz, especially post-1960
Popular music

Dr Andrew King

Music education

Music production

Dr Elaine King

Performance studies
Psychology of music
Music analysis

Dr Rob Mackay


Sonic art

Interactive multimedia

Acoustic ecology

Dr Mark Slater

Critical musicology (popular music and culture)

Composition (experimental and popular music)

Music analysis

Dr Lee Tsang

Conducting, orchestral and vocal studies
World Cinema and animation
Music analysis and perception (especially in relation to timbre)

Prof Christopher Wilson

Shakespeare Music (including opera, incidental music, music in production, concert music)
Early Modern English Music/Words
Music Theory in Britain c.1560-1650
Thomas Campion (1567-1620)
Music/Poetry of Victorian Britain
20th-Century English Lyric Romantic Music

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