Experts and Institutions

Experts and Institutions

Centre for the Study of Expert Knowledge in Law and Society

Experts & Institutions brings together people from a range of disciplines interested in ethical, political and epistemological questions about the role of expert knowledge within political and legal intuitions.

Experts & Institutions is closely linked to the Institute of Applied Ethics, but our interests extend beyond ethics, embracing a range of philosophical, social and legal questions about expert knowledge and the authority of experts. We hope eventually to expand the Centre into an inter-institutional and possibly international network for the study of these issues.

The proper role of expert knowledge is an area of continuing public debate. In the legal world this debate has been stimulated by the Law Commission Report on Expert Evidence in Criminal Trials, and other controversial issues such as the role of expert witnesses in the family courts and the assessment of scientific evidence in environmental and health debates.

We have organised a successful conference on Experts, Authority and Law in September 2009 and a continuing series of workshops/conferences on topical themes (see past events).

Events in 2013 will include two workshops in Hull

March 13, 2013, Authority and Practical Reason

Speakers Dr Noam Gur (Oxford), Dr Adam Tucker (Manchester) (awaiting confirmation) and Dr Antony Hatzistavrou (Hull)

May 8, 2013, Democracy and Experts

Speakers to eb confirmed.

For further information about these events, and about Experts & Institutions, please contact:

Antony Hatzistavrou

Philosophy, University of Hull, Hull HU6 7RX

Tel 465662 e-mail:; or

Tony Ward,

Law School, University of Hull, Hull HU6 7RX

Tel 01482 466387, Fax 01482 466388, e-mail:

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