Experts and Institutions

Experts and the Law: PowerPoint presentations

Niaz Shah, Authority and Expertise in Islamic Law", presented at an E&I seminar, University of Hull, 25 November 2009.

One of the main themes of research on "Experts and Institutions" is the relationship between expertise and legitimate authority, particularly in law. Dr Shah considers of role the Mujtahid (jurist) in the development and interpretation of Sharia law. What qualifications does a Mujtahid require? How does a scholar come to be recognised as authoritative interpreter of Sharia, and what are the limits of his authority?

Tony Ward, "Expert Evidence of Facial Image Comparison", presented at the Modern Law Review seminar on The Reliability of Expert Evidence, Northumbria University, 12 February 2010.

So-called "facial mapping" evidence is used to identify people in photographs, particularly in poor-quality CCTV footage. The reliability of the techniques used has not been scientifically established, and the use of this type of expert evidence has been the subject of many decisions of the Court of Appeal. Tony Ward's paper critically examines the Court of Appeal's lack of critical examination of this kind of evidence, and proposes a new approach.

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