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Ekphrasis: From Paragone to Encounter

An International and Interdisciplinary Conference

3-5 July 2013

Department of English, The University of Hull

This conference will offer a wide-ranging re-examination of ekphrasis – the verbal representation of visual art – from a range of historical and theoretical perspectives. Traditional conceptions of ekphrasis as linear influence or paragone (competition) between word and image have recently been challenged by scholars proposing a more reciprocal model that involves a dialogue or ‘encounter’ between visual and textual cultures. This conference aims to explore such theoretical developments through an exploration of the practice and process of ekphrasis from the Renaissance to the present.

Bringing together scholars from different disciplines and periods, the conference examines the larger cultural, aesthetic, and ethical questions that emerge when different artistic media interact. What are the continuities and discontinuities between ekphrastic works across different historical periods, genres, and national boundaries? How might theoretical developments in fields such as history of art feed into work on inter-art poetics by literary scholars? How might ekphrastic studies illuminate our understanding of wider issues of translation, intertextuality, and cultural exchange?

Confirmed keynote speakers include:

  • Dr Stephen Cheeke (Bristol)
  • Prof. Liliane Louvel (Poitiers)
  • Dr Johanna Malt (King’s College London)

The deadline for submission of papers has now closed. 

Supported by the International Association of Word and Image Studies.


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