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Dr Michael Farrelly

MA (Aberdeen), MA (Lancaster), PhD (Lancaster)


Michael Farrelly

Lecturer in English Language

Phone: +44(0) 1482 46 6908
Office: Larkin 247
Email: m.farrelly@hull.ac.uk


I am a critical discourse analyst with a strong research interest in cultural political economy. I studied for my first degree in English at the University of Aberdeen and for my MA in Language Studies at Lancaster University. I took my PhD on Discourse in Local Democracy at Lancaster under the supervision of Professor Norman Fairclough, Professor Greg Myers and Professor Ruth Wodak.

I have applied a critical discourse analytic approach to numerous research projects at the University of Liverpool, University of Birmingham, the Open University and at Lancaster University

Selected Publications


Journal articles

  • 2010 Koller, V. and Farrelly, M. “Darstellungen der Finanzkrise 2007/08 in den britschen Printmedien,” Aptum, 6(2) 272-288
  • 2010 Farrelly, M. and Sullivan, H. “Discourses of Democracy in Neighbourhood Governance,” Critical Policy Studies, 4(3) 234-249
  • 2010 Farrelly, M. and Skelcher, C. “Democratic milieu: analysing democratic practice in the new governance”, Representation, 46(3) 139-150
  • 2010 Farrelly, M. “Critical Discourse Analysis in Political Studies: an illustrative analysis of the ‘empowerment’ agenda” Politics, 30(2) 98-104
  • 2009 Farrelly, M. “Citizen Participation and Neighbourhood Governance: Analysing Democratic Practice”, Local Government Studies, 35(4) 387-400
  • 2008 Farrelly, M. “Global Discourses of Democracy and an English City”, Journal of Language and Politics, 7(3) 413-430

Book chapters

  • 2012 Farrelly, M. and Seone, E. “Democratisation” in Nevalainen, T. and Closs Traugott, E. (eds.) Handbook on the History of English: Rethinking Approaches to the History of English, Oxford: Oxford University Press.
  • 2010 Farrelly, M., Jeffares, S., and Skelcher, C. “Rethinking Network Governance: New Forms of Analysis and the Implications for Inter-Governmental Relations/Multi-Level Governance” in Ongaro, E., Massey, A., Holzer, M., and Waynberg, E. (eds.) Governance and Intergovernmental Relations in the European Union and the United States: Theoretical Perspectives, London: Edward Elgar.

Conference papers

  • 2013 “Financial Crisis: The Representation and Mitigation of Agency” Interpretive Policy Analysis International Conference, Vienna
  • 2012 “The Representation of Democracy in UK Policy Texts” Interpretive Policy Analysis International Conference, Tilburg
  • 2012 “Representations of the 2007/2008 Financial Crisis in the British Print Media” (with Veronika Koller) Political Studies Association, Belfast
  • 2011 “Deficit Reduction as Solution: how Westminster imagines the UK economy” Interpretive Policy Analysis, Cardiff
  • 2011 “Innovation as Strategy” Political Studies Association, London
  • 2011 “The Dilemma of Low-Carbon Economy: commercially exploitable research in the case of bio-fuels” Political Studies Association, London


My research investigates the impact of discourse in circumstances of political, social, environmental, and economic injustice. I am currently working on research and analysis of discourses of democracy, of the economic crisis and of public policy on non-fossil sources of energy. I am developing research which examines the discursive interconnections between different scales of political and economic policy action over the ‘triple crisis’ issues of economic recovery, environmental degradation, and energy security. I continue to collaborate with the Cultural Political Economy Research Centre at Lancaster University and am a member of the Interpretive Policy Analysis specialist research group of both the Political Studies Association and of the European Consortium for Political Research. I am keen to supervise PhD research which applies critical discourse analysis (CDA) and/or cultural political economy (CPE) to issues of political, social, environmental, and economic justice.


  • Language, Power and Society (level 4)
  • Language Acquisition and Development (level 5)
  • Language, Journalism and Media (level 5)
  • Language Teaching and Learning (level 6)
  • Language, Literature and the Law (level 6)

I also supervise undergraduate dissertations on English Language.


I sit on the Learning and Teaching committee for the department of English.

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