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Part-time Provision Office

Welcome to part-time study in the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences.

The Part-time Provision Office is a friendly and informal unit that works hard to forge close links with its students. It is not part of a conventional department and exists purely to offer a range of programmes tailored for open-access part-time students.

The programmes offer a variety of interesting pathways for local students who wish to study part-time while working, rather than pursue a more financially precarious full-time route. Perhaps you cannot or do not wish to commit yourself to full-time study but...

  • aspire to higher education now that life circumstances make part-time study possible
  • simply want to study for enjoyment
  • would like to extend the range of your skills
  • are thinking about a career

On all programmes, we work hard to equip students with the skills that will bring them academic success and benefit them in their life away from the University. At the same time, we are very sensitive to the pressures that part-time learners often find themselves under and work hard to support them, striving to be as flexible as possible, while still maintaining academic rigour.

You will find a list of some of the more frequently asked questions here.

Part-time Courses

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