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FASS Forum for Joint Students

The FASS Forum was first organised in 2008, to collect feedback from student representatives on joint and combined programmes across the Faculty. Its success in identifying and addressing some problems experienced by these students led to the adoption of an annual Forum.

Chaired by Sarah Jane Dickenson, Deputy Dean Learning and Teaching, and organised by the Faculty Administrator, the Forum takes place early in Semester 2. All student representatives on joint and combined programmes are invited, together with the Student Union Vice President (Education), two Heads of Department from multidisciplinary departments in the Faculty and 2 departmental secretaries. Academic and administrative representatives from areas outside the Faculty are also invited as appropriate.

The first forum led to a set of good practice recommendations which were approved by faculty Learning and Teaching committee.

Good practice recommendations from forum for joint students.


2014 Forum 2014 Minutes  
2012 Forum 2012 Minutes  
2011 Forum 2011 Minutes  
2010 Forum 2010 Minutes Response from Law
Response from Business School
2009 Forum 2009 Minutes  
2008 Forum 2008 Minutes Response from Business School
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