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The Heritage Consortium


Heritage studies at Hull take place across undergraduate and postgraduate programmes, distributed across and between a wide variety of disciplines and departments. Much heritage research at the university involved collaboration with other academic institutions and heritage-sector organisations both in Hull and elsewhere. Such partners often contribute to teaching and research, allowing our students to access sector-specific expertise.

Particular areas of expertise within the University of Hull include:

  • Digital archiving. The University, in partnership with Hull History Centre, was a leading participant in the AIMS project developing a framework for keeping and maintenance of digital archives.
  • Maritime, port and coastal history and heritage
  • Diaspora studies, migration and slavery
  • Theatre and performance history, direction, performance and design.
  • Musical history and heritage
  • Media and memory (MaMRI)

Academic staff from the University of Hull have extensive experience of working in partnership with the heritage sector in many forms. Students and staff have engaged with and supported the heritage sector in a wide variety of forms, ranging from museum exhibition design and curation, to theatrical costume and set design, and musical performance and theory.

Heritage Colleagues

Name Subject Group Email Web Pages
Arnold, Martin English M.P.Arnold@hull.ac.uk Martin Arnold
Atkinson, David Geography david.atkinson@hull.ac.uk David Atkinson
Awre, Chris Brynmor Jones Library C.Awre@hull.ac.uk Chris Awe (LinkedIn)
Baker, Catherine History catherine.baker@hull.ac.uk Catherine Baker
Barnard, Michaela History M.G.Barnard@hull.ac.uk Michaela Barnard
Bernasconi, John History J.G.Bernasconi@hull.ac.uk John Bernasconi
Billing, Christian Drama, Music and Screen C.M.Billing@hull.ac.uk Christian Billing
Capern, Amanda History a.l.capern@hull.ac.uk Amanda Capern
Chambers, Pauline Drama, Music and Screen P.Chambers@hull.ac.uk Pauline Chambers
Chatzichristodoulou, Maria Drama, Music and Screen M.Chatzichristodoulou@hull.ac.uk Maria Catzichristodoulou
Corstophine, Kevin English k.corstorphine@hull.ac.uk Keven Corstorphine
Crouch, David History d.crouch@hull.ac.uk David Crouch
Desbruslais, Simon Drama, Music and Screen s.desbruslais@hull.ac.uk Simon Desbruslais
Drabek, Pavel Drama, Music and Screen P.Drabek@hull.ac.uk Pavel Drabek
Edinborough, Campbell Drama, Music and Screen a.edinborough@hull.ac.uk Edinborough Campbell
Evans, Nick WISE/History N.J.Evans@hull.ac.uk Nick Evans
Fenwick, Helen History h.fenwick@hull.ac.uk Helen Fenwick
Halkon, Peter History A.P.Halkon@hull.ac.uk Peter Halkon
MacKay, Rob Drama, Music and Screen R.A.Mackay@hull.ac.uk Rob MacKay
Macleod, Jenny History j.macleod@hull.ac.uk Jenny Macleod
Nicholls, John History j.nicholls@hull.ac.uk John Nicholls
Neal, Cath History c.neal@hull.ac.uk Cath Neal
Oldfield, John WISE/History j.oldfield@hull.ac.uk John Oldfield
Peacock, Louise Drama, Music and Screen L.S.Peacock@hull.ac.uk Louise Peacock
Porter, Joy History joy.porter@hull.ac.uk Joy Porter
Robinson, Robb History R.N.Robinson@hull.ac.uk Robb Robinson
Sant, Toni Arts and New Media T.Sant@hull.ac.uk Toni Sant
Skinner, Amy Drama, Music and Screen A.E.Skinner@hull.ac.uk Amy Skinner
Thomas, Jane English J.E.Thomas@hull.ac.uk Jane Thomas
Walker, John History J.walker@hull.ac.uk John Walker
Wilson, Christopher Drama, Music and Screen Christopher.Wilson@hull.ac.uk Christopher Wilson
Wilson, Simon Hull History Centre s.wilson@hull.ac.uk Simon Wilson
Wynne, Catherine English C.Wynne@hull.ac.uk Catherine Wynne
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