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Student Profiles

Rod Ballard

After several years of 'putting it off' I finally got in touch with the University of Hull's Centre for Lifelong Learning, and after being assured that I was not going to be thrust among a group of academics, I enrolled in the Local History Certificate Course. Two thoroughly enjoyable years later, spent with a great bunch of fellow students (definitely not all academics) and two dedicated/knowledgeable tutors, I now have the first stage of my degree completed.

Hilary Carpenter

I didn't think that I would be capable of taking a degree as a mature student but I am very glad that I have done. The Certificate course has widened my general perceptions, made me take notice of the surrounding buildings and landscape, and given me an appetite for wider reading.

Marie Holmes

I enrolled on the Regional and Local History Certificate course in September 2003. I thought the course would be interesting and this has proved to be the case. Although essay writing was a bit of a shock to the system, help was always available from the course tutors. Two years of study have passed very quickly, and with completion of the certificate level in sight, I'm very glad that I decided to take the plunge and become a mature student.

Gillian Anderson

I had wanted to take a degree for some time but having left school some years ago with only a handful of 'O' levels found the idea of returning to study quite daunting and did not think it would be possible. I also had an interest in local history and the Certificate in Regional and Local History course gave me the opportunity to develop my knowledge and at the same time started me on the path towards gaining my degree.

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