American Studies

4 Year Degree (with Year Abroad)

Our four-year Single Honours degree in American Studies is designed for students who wish not only to study the history and culture of the United States but to experience life and work in America. Indispensable to such students is the year in an American University.

We have exchange agreements with approximately 45 different campuses across the United States - the largest selection of partners for any American Studies programme.

After your first year of study at Hull, you will begin a process of selecting your host campus. This involves a year long module (Introduction to the American Year), in which you will not only be guided through the application and visa processes, but also research for yourself the history and culture of the state and city in which you will be residing.

The results you get from your studies in America count for 15% of your final degree classification. Students who spend their third year in America will also return to produce an extended piece of work, entirely of their own choosing, based on original research and study undertaken while in the US. Our current students, for example, have chosen topics as diverse as ‘Blaxploitation' cinema, urban riots, gay rights, women's magazines of the 1950s, mormonism, the influence of Fox News on the healthcare debate, anti-Semitism in American modernist literature, the films of Norma Shearer, and the influence of jazz on Jack Kerouac.

Participating institutions

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