Year Three: the American Year

Our four-year Single Honours degree in American Studies is designed for students who wish not only to study the history and culture of the United States but to experience life and work in America. Indispensable to such students is the year in an American university.

We have exchange agreements with over 30 different campuses across the United States. After your first year of study at Hull, you will begin a process of selecting your host campus. This involves a year long module (Introduction to the American Year), in which you will not only be guided through the application and visa processes, but also research for yourself the history and culture of the state and city in which you will be residing.

While there, you can select your modules from the full range available to you, with no real restriction on subject matter. Many use this opportunity to widen their education in the broadest sense, taking modules as varied as fashion and politics, screenwriting and law, journalism and Russian history. Learning in America, and from an American perspective, is just as central to the Year Abroad experience as learning more about the United States. The results you get from your studies in America count for 20% of your final degree classification.

Please note that students in American Studies at the University of Hull (whose programme started on 1 September or after) wishing to study abroad for a full academic year will now only pay £1350 to Hull as tuition fees. Students who wish to study a single semester abroad will still have to pay full tuition to Hull (£9000).

Details about exchange partners.

Participating institutions

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