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Module Catalogue 2013/14

Each year you will study modules worth a total of 120 credits (all modules except the final year dissertation are worth 40 credits).

Year 1

Reading the Screen (core module for all students)

Film History (core module for all students)

History of Hollywood Cinema

Landmarks of World Cinema

Understanding Media

Multiplatform Media Production

American Film and Society


Year 2

Professional Issues (core module for single honours students)

Film Research Techniques (core module for single honours students)

East Asian Cinema

French Cinema

American Animation History

Television, Radio and the Everyday

Television Production and Analysis

Hollywood and 1950s America

Hitchcock: An Anatomy of an Auteur

Analysing Television Drama: Narration, Style and Themes

Cold War Culture

"From Reagan and Roseanne to Obama and Osama"; a Cultural Study of the USA since 1980


Year 3

Dissertation (40 credits) (core module for single honours students)

Dissertation (20 credits) (only available to joint honours students)

History of Hollywood Horror

Is Television History?

Disney Studies

American Alternative Cinema

Screen Production Project

Postmodernism and Gender Studies, 1950-1975

Postmodernism and Gender Studies, 1975-Present

Global Nightmares: Contemporary Horror Cinema from Around the World

Conspiracy: The Paranoid Style in American Politics, Society and Culture

Representations of the Past in European Film


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