History of Hollywood Horror

History of Hollywood Horror is intended to help students investigate the Horror Genre – as it has been interpreted by the Hollywood film industry – from an academically-based perspective, and introduce them to the historical, economic, political, social, cultural, and aesthetic traditions which have come to shape this long-lasting and important genre. It will introduce students to the key issues and debates in the study of the horror film. It will examine the forms which the horror film has taken within Hollywood, and will do so in terms of history, criticism, and appropriate academic theories. Focusing itself on the way "horror" as a genre has been understood and shaped within the Hollywood context, the module will enable students to evaluate critically, and then utilize, a range of theoretical concepts and methodologies in relation to the study of the horror film and horror as a genre as a textual, institutional, historical and cultural object. We will also examine the concepts behind such issues as Fear, Belief, and why some people might enjoy watching horror films. It also takes into account the issue of why horror – and its fans – are often disparaged by some critics, scholars, and segments of society.

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