School of Histories, Languages and Cultures


Inaugural Lecture

Professor Kathleen Lennon

Re- enchanting the World: the role of Imagination in Perception

In this lecture I shall argue that the imagination is at work in our everyday experiences of the world. In contrast to a view of imagination as the realm of fantasy and fiction, I shall suggest that the imagination is a precondition of there being a reality for us. The everyday world is, in an important sense, an imaginary world, salient and significant to us. It has affective contours which provide reason and motivation for our responses to it.

Ferens Professor of Philosophy

Kathleen Lennon gained her B.Phil. and D.Phil. at the University of Oxford. She joined the philosophy department at Hull in 1979.

She has two main research areas: philosophy of mind and body, and gender theory. Her work weaves together Anglo-American analytic philosophy with twentieth century Continental philosophy. She has recently written papers on expression, reason constituting perception, and the imaginary body. Her most recent books are the co-authored Theorizing Gender (Polity Press, 2002) and The World, the Flesh & the Subject (Edinburgh University Press, 2004.  She is currently writing a book entitled  The Imagination and the Imaginary for Routledge.

Kathleen was a founder member of the Society for Women in Philosophy. She was also instrumental to introducing gender studies programmes to the University of Hull.

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