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Lda en Filosofia (Murcia), MA, PhD (Hull)


Stella Gonzales ArnalSenior Lecturer

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Office: Wilberforce 293
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Stella first came to Hull from Spain as an ERASMUS exchange. When she completed her first degree in Spain, she then returned to the UK to pursue her interests in the philosophy of mind, philosophy of science, epistemology, and gender theory. Stella has taught philosophy at the Universities of Hull, Keele, and Leeds. In 2000 she won a postdoctoral research award from the Fundación Séneca in Spain. She is a member of the Society for Women in Philosophy.

Stella's research interests are in the fields of gender theory, philosophy of mind, feminist epistemology and the philosophy of science.  She has recently published papers on Intersectionality and Gender theory and she has edited a book entitled Embodied Selves  with K.Lennon and G.Jagger (2012, Palgrave).

She has been the coordinator of the MISEAL project in Hull. This was an ALFA III European Union funded project entitled Development of Policies to Promote Widening Participation and Equal Opportunities in Higher Education institutions in Latin America. Sixteen universities collaborated in this project, four from the EU and twelve from Latin America. The Free University of Berlin awarded the Margherita Von Brentano prize to the members of the MISEAL project in 2013 for their work towards equality.

She holds two teaching qualifications: CAP (Curso de Aptitud Pedagógica) Posgraduate diploma (Universidad de Murcia) and Teaching and Learning in HE Diploma (University of Keele).

Selected Publications


  • Embodied Selves (eds) S. González-Arnal, G.Jagger, K.Lennon (Hampshire: Palgrave, 2012)


Chapters in Books:

  • 'Are Chimeras 'Natural'? Disgust, Ethics and 'Nature' in Making Humans: Religious, Technological and Aesthetic Perspectives, A.Ornella (ed). (Oxford: Interdisciplinary Press, 2015), pp107-128.
  • ‘Justicia Epistemologica: Escuchando al Sur’ (2015) in Nuevos desafíos para la inclusión social y la equidad en instituciones de educación superior. M.Rifà Valls; L. Duarte Campderrós; M. Ponferrada Arteaga (eds) (San Jose: Universidad Nacional de Costa Rica, 2014), pp296-308.  
  • ‘La enseñanza de la teoría de género desde una perspectiva interseccional en un contexto internacional: Una mirada crítica’ in Hacia posgrados en inclusión social en América Latina: experiencias y reflexiones A.M.Goetschel and B.Espinosa (eds) (Quito: Ediciones de FLACSO Ecuador, 2014), pp 73-85.
  • 'Interseccionalidad y Diversidad. En defensa de un modelo de análisis categorial no opresivo que respeta la diferencia' in  La interseccionalidad en debate. M. Zapata Galindo, S. García Peter, J. Chan de Avila (eds). (Berlin: Lateinamerika-Institut der Freien Universität, 2013), pp 45-55.
  • 'Políticas de inclusión de grupos minoritarios y su relación con el género: las experiencias de los estudiantes' in  Incluyendo sin excluir. Género y movilidad en instituciones de educación superior, J. Chan de Avila, S. García Peter, M. Zapata Galindo (eds.)  (Berlin:Edición tranvía, Verlag Walter Frey, 2013) pp. 161-175.
  • 'Personal Identity and Transsexual Narratives' in Embodied Selves  S.Gonzalez-Arnal, G.Jagger, K.Lennon (eds) (Palgrave) (2012)
  • 'Indigenous Knowledge, Patenting and the Biotechnology Industry' in M. Brannigan (ed), Cross-Cultural Biotechnology. (Lanham, Maryland: Rowman & Littlefield Publishers, 2004), pp. 139-151.
  • 'Is it Possible to overcome the Difficulties of Understanding Across Differences?' in A Passion for Freedom. Action, Passion and Politics. Feminist Controversies F. Birules and I. Pena Aguado (eds),  (Barcelona: Publicaciones de la Universidad de Barcelona, 2004), pp. 134-139.

Latest Book Review

Other Publications

  • ‘La lógica de la “pureza”, el mestizaje y la identidad “fragmentada” in  Los retos de la Filosofía en el siglo XXI. Actas del I Congreso internacional de la Red española de Filosofía. A. Campillo and D. Manzanero (Coord.) (Valencia: Red española de Filosofía y Publicacions de la Universitat de València (PUV), 2015), Vol 8, pp 29-40
  • ‘The Recruitment and Retention of “Widening Participation” Students in Higher Education: a Gendered Perspective’ with R. Alsop in The Fourth European Conference on Gender Equality in Higher Education, (Oxford: Oxford Brookes University, 2006) . Published in CD format.
  • Improving the Representation and Retention of Students from Minority Groups in the Department of Humanities, Report of Research Project, with R. Alsop, (Hull: University of Hull, 2006).


  • Gender Theory
  • Intersectionality
  • Feminist Epistemology and Philosophy of Science.
  • Philosophy of Education.


Undergraduate Teaching

  • 27239 Theorizing Gender
  • 27353 Gender, Science and Knowledge
  • 27203 Ways of Knowing
  • 27207 Mind, Brain and Behaviour
  • 27102 Introduction to Philosophy
  • 30998 Dissertation

Postgraduate Teaching

  • 27502, Philosophical Theories and texts.

PhD Supervision

Stella Gonzalez Arnal is currently supervising doctoral research in the following areas:

  • Simone de Beauvoir
  • Cognitive science and Husserl
  • Relativism

Stella welcomes enquiries from prospective PhD students interested in working in the following areas:

  • Gender Theory
  • Feminist Epistemology and Philosophy of Science
  • Intersectionality


  • Disability Officer
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