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Dr Antony Hatzistavrou

PhD (Edinburgh) BA (Athens)



Senior Lecturer  

Phone: +44(0)1482 465662
Office: Wilberforce 212
Email: profile


Antony works on ancient philosophy, legal and political philosophy, social epistemology and philosophy of action. He is currently involved in two main projects. The first focuses on Plato’s account of legal and political authority. The second explores the role of authoritative directives in practical reasoning. In collaboration with Dr Tony Ward (School of Law University of Hull) he is directing the Centre for Experts and Institutions. He is a founding member of the Yorkshire Network for Ancient Philosophy and the Research Group on the Normativity of Law.

Antony has held research fellowships at the Universities of Cambridge and Edinburgh and has taught at the Universities of Cyprus, Leeds and Patras. He has recently been awarded a research fellowship at the Centre for Hellenic Studies in Princeton University.

Selected Publications

Books (authored)

  • Ancient Legal and Political Philosophy , Routledge forthcoming 2016 (ISBN -13 978-1844656172).

Books (edited)

  • The Legacy of H. L. A. Hart: Legal, Political and Moral Philosophy , co-edited with M. Kramer, C. Grant and B. Colburn, Oxford University Press, Oxford, 2008 (ISBN-13: 978-0199542895)

Journal articles

  • ‘Theistic and Legalistic Belief’, Jurisprudence, 6, 2015, 574-579 (part of Symposium on John Gardner’s book Law as a Leap of Faith with replies by the author).
  • ‘Crito’s Failure to Deliberate Socratically’, Classical Quarterly, 63, 2013, 580-594.
  • ‘Motivation, Reconsideration and Exclusionary Reasons’, Ratio Juris, 25, 2012, 318-342.
  • ‘Instrumental Rules and Motivation’, Legal Theory, 12, 2006, 315-345.
  • 'Saving Socrates’ argument with Polus at Gorgias 474B-475E’, Skepsis 16, 2006, 256-266.
  • ‘Socrates’ Deliberative Authoritarianism’, Oxford Studies in Ancient Philosophy, 29, 2005, 75-113.
  • ‘The Authority of Law in the Legal Philosophy of John Austin’, Hypomnema 3, 2005, 155-169 (in Greek).
  • ‘Classifying Rights’, Philosophia, 33, 2003, 65-76.
  • 'Thrasymachus’ Definition of Justice’, Philosophical Inquiry, 21, 1998, 62-82.
  • ‘Plato and Authority’, Skepsis, 7, 1997, 73-91.

Book chapters

  • ‘The Deliberative and Epistemic Dimension of Legitimate Authoritative Directives’ in G. Pavlakos and V. Rodriguez-Blanco (eds), Reasons and Intentions in Law and Practical Agency, Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, 2015, 140-158.
  • ‘Aristotle on the Political Life’ in J. Warren and F. Sheffield (eds), The Routledge Companion to Ancient Philosophy, Routledge, London, 2014, 361-376.
  • ‘Faction’ in M. Deslauriers and P. Destree (eds) The Cambridge Companion to Aristotle’s Politics, Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, 2013, 275-300.
  • ‘Correctness and Poetic Knowledge: Choric Poetry in the Laws’, in P. Destree and F.G. Herrmann, Plato and the Poets, Brill, Leiden, 2011, 361-386.
  • ‘An Epistemic Account of the Internal Point of View’ in R. Harrison and M. Friedman (eds), Law and Philosophy, Oxford University Press, Oxford, 2007, 118-136.
  • ‘Happiness and the Nature of Philosopher-Kings’ in F. G. Herrmann (ed.) New Essays on Plato, Classical Press of Wales, Swansea, 2006, 95-123.
  • ‘Authority and Autonomy in Socrates’ Ethics’, in R. Bosley and C. Panagides (eds), Essays in Ancient Philosophy Kaplan Publishers, New York, 2006, 125-145.
  • ‘Does Socrates Believe That All men Have an Equal Ability for Virtue?’ in V. Karasmanis (ed.) Socrates, European Center of Delphi, Athens, 2004, 173-183.
  • ‘Two Models of Virtue in Plato’s Early Dialogues’, in V. Karasmanis (ed.) Socrates, European Center of Delphi, Athens, 2004, 75-85 (in Greek).
  • ‘Considerations of Fairness and the Legitimacy of Political Authority in Aristotle’s Politics’, in D. Koutras (ed.) Political Equality and Justice in Aristotle’s Politics, Academy of Athens, Athens 2000, 465 - 475.

Encyclopaedia entries

  • ‘Naturalism in Ancient Political Philosophy’ entry in M. Bevir (ed.) SAGE Encyclopedia of Political Theory, Sage Publishers, London and Brussels, 2009.

Book reviews

  • Review of ‘Simplicius on Aristotle Physics 8.1-5’, The International Journal of the Platonic Tradition 9:1, 2015, 124-125
  • Review of ‘Plato’s Laws: Truth and Force in Politics’ , Notre Dame Philosophical Reviews; An Electronic Journal, 2014
  • Review of (G.) Klosko 'The Development of Plato's Political Theory' The Classical Review (New Series), 58, 2008, 374-375.


  • Ancient Philosophy (esp. ancient legal and political philosophy)
  • Philosophy of law
  • Political Philosophy
  • Social Epistemology
  • Philosophy of Action


Undergraduate Teaching

Antony teaches on the following undergraduate modules:

  • 30052 Philosophy, History and Ideology
  • 30084 Contemporary Political Philosophy
  • 30003 History of Political Thought
  • 27218 Philosophy of Law
  • 27236 Ancient Metaphysics, Epistemology and Philosophy of Mind

Postgraduate Teaching

Antony teaches on the following postgraduate modules:

  • 27502 Philosophical Theories and Texts

PhD Supervision

Antony is currently supervising doctoral research in the following areas:

  • Social Epistemology
  • Ancient Philosophy
  • Moral Philosophy

Antony welcomes enquiries from prospective PhD students interested in working in the following areas:

  • Ancient Philosophy
  • Philosophy of Law
  • Political Philosophy
  • Social Epistemology
  • Philosophy of Action



  • Personal supervisor

Last three years:

  • Director of Studies (Philosophy)
  • Director of Research (Philosophy)
  • Chair of Ethics Committee (PPIS)
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