LENNON, Prof. Kathleen

BA (Kent), BPhil, DPhil (Oxon)


Kathleen Lennon

Professor of Philosophy

Phone: +44(0)1482 465494
Office: Larkin L165



Kathleen Lennon has two main research areas: philosophy of embodiment, and philosophy of mind, with recent work focussing on the imagination. Her work weaves together Anglo-American analytic philosophy with twentieth century Continental philosophy, predominantly phenomenology.  She has a special interest in Kant and Merleau Ponty.  She has recently written papers on expression, the metaphysics of sex difference , and the imaginary body. Her most recent books are the co-authored Theorizing Gender (Polity Press, 2002) and The World, the Flesh & the Subject (Edinburgh University Press, 2004), the latter co-authored with Paul Gilbert. Her monograph Imagination and the Imaginary is forthcoming from Routledge in November 2014. She is currently working on the second edition of Theorising Gender and on papers on De Beauvoir on Old Age.

Kathleen was a founder member of, and remains actively involved in, the Hull Centre for Gender Studies and the UK branch of the Society for Women in Philosophy.

Selected Publications


Papers Available

Books Authored

  • The World, the Flesh and the Subject: Continental Themes in Philosophy of Mind and body,  co authored with Paul Gilbert, Edinburgh, Edinburgh University Press  2005
  • Theorizing Gender,  co authored with Rachel Alsop and Annette FitzSimons. Cambridge, Polity , 2002
  • Philosophy of Mind, co authored with Steve Burwood and Paul Gilbert, London,  Taylor and Francis, 1998
  • Explaining Human Action, London, Duckworth 1990

Books Edited

  • Embodied Selves with Stella Gonzalez Arnal and Gill Jagger.  Palgrave 2012
  • Knowing the Difference; Feminist Perspectives in Epistemology, with Margaret Whitford, London , Routledge, 1994
  • Reduction, Explanation and Realism, with David Charles, Oxford, Oxford University Press, 1992

Papers in Academic Journals

  • ‘Expression and Imagination’ Ratio July 2011
  • ‘Re Enchanting the World; The role of Imagination in Perception’ Philosophy  vol 85 no 33 July 2010
  • 'Making life Livable' Radical Philosophy November 2006
  • 'Imagination and the Imaginary’  Inquiry  March 2004
  • ‘Naturalising and Interpretive turns in Epistemology’ International Journal of Philosophical Studies   Nov 2003
  • “Naturalism and Normativity “ Philosophical Explorations  July 2000
  • “ Local Epistemologies”  Proceedings of the Aristotelian Society SV.1997
  • “Gender and Knowledge”, Journal of Gender Studies, (1995)
  • ‘Anti-Reductionist Materialism’, Inquiry 27, 1984, p 363-80.

Papers in Collections

  • ‘Biology and the Metaphysics of Sex Difference’in Embodied Selves ed Gonzalez-Arnal, Jagger and Lennon
  • ‘Feminism Perspectives on the Body   Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy
  • ‘Feminism and Philosophy ‘ in  Historical  Encyclopedia of British Philosophy ed A.C.Grayling , A.Pyle and N.Goulder    (Thoemmes Continuum  2006)
  • “Feminist Epistemology “ in  Handbook of Epistemology   ed I.Niiniluoto, M.Sintonen, J. Wolenski. Kluwer 2004
  • ‘Feminism and Natural Science” in Blackwell’s Companion to Feminist Philosophy , ed. A.Jagger and I.Young, Blackwells  1997
  • “Reasons” in Blackwell's Companion to the Philosophy of Mind, 1994
  • “Reduction, Causality and Normativity” in Charles and Lennon, p 225-238
  • "Introduction” in Charles and Lennon, op cit., 1992, p 1-18

Inaugural lecture

Re-enchanting the World; the Role of Imagination in Perception.

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