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Ethics The Institute of Applied Ethics is the focus of research in applied ethics at the University of Hull. The Institute brings together complementary interests across the university in ways that provide a supportive and creative forum for the development of programmes and projects allowing for the empirical grounding and rigorous theoretical input and interaction necessary to research in applied ethics.

We interpret applied ethics broadly, as the application of ethical considerations, reasons, principles, values and ideals to any policy or practice (personal, social or professional) for the purpose of evaluating that policy or practice on ethical grounds.

The Institute has a number of interrelated research programmes with an overarching focus of Ethics in Public Decision-Making. There are three principal streams in the work of the Institute:

  • Social Justice and Welfare

  • Environment, Conflict and Responsibility

  • Professional and Institutional Ethics

  Civil Society, Capitalism and the State    Understanding Contemporary Strategy    Politics and the Environment book

  The Withering of the Welfare State - book     Ethics Education for Irregular Warfare    Karen Harrison Legal and Ethical book


The aims and objectives of the Institute are:

  • The development of a group of related interdisciplinary programmes and projects.
  • Interaction and collaboration between established and less established researchers, and between ethical, political and legal theorists and more empirically oriented researchers across the university.
  • Publication of high-quality books, articles and reports in a large range of areas.
  • Development and submission of applications for external funding.
  • Conducting conferences and seminars.
  • Developing a critical mass of postgraduate students across a range of programmes and projects.
  • Developing materials for use in relevant courses and programmes, and for the development of new programmes.
  • Developing selected reach-out activities, such as consultancies and short courses for practitioners, in order to demonstrate research.
  • Developing appropriate external research links.
  • Attraction of research visitors to programmes and projects.


Call for associates:

The Institute welcomes individuals with relevant research or teaching interests to become associates and invites you to get in touch with us to let us know of your interests and activities. We look forward to hearing from anyone who has written on the political, ethical or philosophical dimensions of their subject. Associates will receive communications about research seminars, conferences and other relevant projects.

Please contact if you are interested in becoming an Associate.

The Institute of Applied Ethics can be found on Twitter!    Twitter bird white on blue rounded corners

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