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Dr Grace Mou



 Yu (Grace) Mou


Tel: +44 (0) 1482 466582
Office: 419 Wilberforce
Qualifications BA, MA(China), Diploma (Kent), PhD (Warwick)


Dr Grace Mou joined Hull Law School as a Lecturer in September 2016. Prior to this appointment, she taught at the University of Warwick. Her research interests lie in comparative criminal justice and socio-legal studies. Her current research examines the on-going criminal justice reform in China from a cultural and political perspective. It critically analyses China's struggling process to adopt the rule of law and evaluates the reform of its institutions by using qualitative empirical methods.

Selected Publications

Chapters in edited collections

  • Mou Y, ‘Beyond Legitimate Grounds: External Influences and the Discretionary Power not to Prosecute in the People's Republic of China’ in Caianiello M and Hodgson J (eds), Discretionary Criminal justice in a Comparative Context (Carolina Academic Press 2015)
  • Mou Y, ‘Conducting Participant Observation inside the Prosecutor's Office: Understanding the Dossier-based Chinese Criminal Justice’ in Sage Research Methods Cases (Sage Publications 2015)

Articles in refereed journals

  • Mou Y, ‘The Constructed Truth: the Making of Police Dossiers in China’ [2016] Social & Legal Studies
  • Mou Y, ‘Overseeing Criminal Justice: The Supervisory Role of the Public Prosecution in China’ [Forthcoming] Journal of Law and Society

Conference Papers & Talks

  • Mou Y, ‘Coercion to Plea and the Role of the Prosecutor: An Empirical Study of the Chinese Guilty Plea Procedure’ (Second Warwick Law School Annual Conference on Not Just Law, 5th July 2013)
  • –––, ‘Consensual Criminal Justice in the People's Republic of China’ (Fifth conference on the Future of Adversarial and Inquisitorial Systems, 'Criminal Justice and Discretionary Justice', Ravenna, Italy, 16th May 2013)
  •  –––, ‘External Influences and the Discretionary Power not to Prosecute in the People's Republic of China’ (Third Warwick Law School Annual Conference on Not Just Law, Warwick, 3rd July 2014)
  • –––, ‘Observation in the Prosecutor's Office in China: Challenges and Rewards’ (Invited talk at the Empirical Methods in Law workshop, University of Warwick, 5th March 2014)
  • –––, ‘Witnesses are Absent: An Empirical Study on the Dossier Based Chinese Criminal Justice System’ (Invited talk at the Criminal Justice Centre Seminar, University of Warwick, 24th April 2014)
  • –––, ‘The Construction of Police Cases in China’ (Socio-Legal Studies Association Annual Conference, Warwick, 2nd April 2015)
  • –––, ‘The Presence of the Appropriate Adult during the Prosecutorial Interrogation in China’ (Seventh conference on The Future of Adversarial and Inquisitorial Systems, Warwick, 18th May 2015)
  • –––, ‘The Evolution of Guilty Pleas in England’ (Socio-Legal Studies Association Annual Conference, Lancaster, 5th April 2016)


Dr Mou has research interests in comparative criminal justice, evidence law, legal history of criminal justice, and social-legal studies. She is currently working on two research projects. The first project bridges her doctoral research and the ongoing criminal justice reform in China. It systematically analyses the functional deficiency of the Chinese criminal justice institutions in preventing innocent individuals from being wrongly accused and convicted. Her monograph based on this project, titled 'The Construction of Guilt: Criminal Process, Case Dossiers and Coercion in China' is currently under contract by Hart Publishing. Her second research categorically analyses the link between guilty pleas and different types of crimes in 19th-Century England. This historical research will be largely based upon the available archives to paint a holistic picture of the plea bargaining practice in the 19th century.



  • Tort Law (Convenor)
  • Criminal Evidence and Investigation
  • Legal Systems and Method
  • Rough Guide to Legal Rights
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